How to Recover Files from Mac Volume?

“While erasing unnecessary files from a volume on MacBook Air, I have accidentally removed important files and emptied it from Trash even. Now, since I had not enabled Time machine due to lack of knowledge, I am losing those erased files from volume. Can someone please guide me on how to recover files from volume?”

Users may partition Mac hard drive in to different logical partitions and each partition is called volume. Volume on Mac can store all types of data like Office documents, basic images, iWork files and others. But, worthy user files in a Mac volume may go out of reach in scenarios like mentioned below:

  • Deleting files from volume when Auto-empty trash option is enabled
  • Losing files from volume due to interruption during transfer of those files
  • Invisibility of files from volume when it is infected by malicious viruses
  • Instead of formatting any volume, accidentally choosing important volume
  • Removing any user account from Mac computer will erase all related files along with user account from volume
  • Missing of files from any volume due to impact of any third party applications installed on Mac

When files from Mac volume are missing, erased or lost in any of these instances, then user may freak for losing any valuable files. But, glad is that, lost or erased files from volume can be extracted by employing good file retrieval tool. If Time Machine doesn’t come handy, then using reliable application is the ultimate solution to get back files from volume.

Software to retrieve files from volume:

Built with amazing modules, Yodot Mac File Recovery can successfully retrieve files like MS Office documents, compressed archives, paint files, sticky notes, PDFs, basic – images, videos and music files, and much more. It has potential to get back files from volumes formatted with ExFAT, FAT32, FAT16, HFS and HFS+ file systems. It can recover erased as well as lost files from Mac Mini, MacBook, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac computer hard drives. Apart from this, one can even bring back files from portable hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, etc. storage media compatible on Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Mavericks OS based Macintosh machines.

Instructions to extract files from Mac volume:

Use this link to download the software on to your Macintosh machine. After complete installation, run the utility and click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ or ‘Lost File Recovery’ option in main screen. Further, choose the volume from which files got removed and proceed with scanning process. Scanning finishes by showing list of restored files in ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’. Have a quick look at recovered files and save it to a new location on Mac hard drive or on other external storage device, other than same volume.

Advantages of Windows Disk Management

Disk Management Utility is a in tool which assist you to manage hard drive and partitions created on your Windows computer. It comes inbuilt with major Windows operating system namely Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It permit you to perform all the major hard drive functions like, converting basic drive to dynamic drive and vice versa, open any partition, format  external and internal storage media, change drive letter or assign drive letter to existing partition, shrink or extend partition etc.

One can easily open Disk management screen by going through following instructions:

Open “My computer” and right click on it. Select “Manage” option and then opting “Disk management” option from “Storage”. At the same time, you can press “Windows” button and “R” key together to open “Run” Window. Type “diskmgmt.msc” in the text box and hit OK. Now “Disk Management” screen will be displayed to you. As soon as the disk management screen is opened, you will be able to see the partition as well as the primary drive that stores OS files. It even shows the details such as drive capacity, file system, assigned drive letters as well as used and free space.

To make any changes to the drive or partition using Disk Management Utility, right click on the drive and select required options. As discussed previously there are many options available on disk management utility and along with this you can mark the partition as active, add mirror and change drive paths. In addition to these advantages explained about disk management utility, you will also get few other features that might help you to enhance the functionality of your Windows computer. All in one, Disk management provides a best way to manage the drive by consuming less time on Windows computer.


Restoring Lost Files After Mavericks Upgrade

“I have been using my Mac system for quite long time. I used to carry out mailing, watch movies, listen to songs and do much more with Mac OS X system. After the release of Mavericks, I wanted to upgrade my system to newer version so that I can get access to new features that provides assistance in completing the task in a minimum amount of time. As the system was restarted after upgrading my Mac machine, some files that were present on desktop were missing. I searched in other drives, but they were not there. I forgot to back them up before upgrading my system. What should I do now? Is this the permanent loss of data or can I recover files even after Mavericks upgrade? Please provide me with a proper solution as I have valuable files saved in it. Thanks a lot!”

What to do if you have faced the above issues and are in need of recovering lost files after Mavericks upgrade on your Mac system. There is no need to get tensed, as files are not permanently lost after Mavericks upgrade. They are present in the same location where they were saved, only the links of the respective files will be wiped out so that new information can be added in the same place.  If you act quickly without using your Mac system, you can easily recover lost files after Mavericks upgrade.

Rescue lost files after Mavericks upgrade:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool is the most recommended utility that can be used for recovering lost files after Mavericks upgrade in short duration of time. It is equipped with best graphical user interface that allows even non-technical user to perform recovery procedure quite easily. With the present of Disk Image option, user can create Disk images of bad sectors and restore data from those Disk images at later point of time. Apart from recovering lost files after Mavericks upgrade, user can also get back files after accidental formatting, reformatting, drive corruption and others. Installation of drive recovery software can be done on different versions of Mac OS like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard. Upon facing any trouble while recovering lost files after Mavericks upgrade, you can contact our technical support staff who will available round the clock to assist you.

Simple procedure to recover lost files after Mavericks upgrade:

Click on this link to download Yodot Mac Data Recovery application in a healthy Mac machine. Once the installation process gets completed, user can run the program and follow the simple steps provided on main screen. Click on Lost File Recovery and then move on to next screen. Select hard drive from the Mac system and then initiate scanning. As soon as the scanning process gets completed, user can view the restored list of files on the basis of Data View or File Type View as applicable. Select and save the restored files to known destination location as applicable to system user.

Things to be remembered:

  • Keep backup of important files on separate storage media as applicable before upgrading Mavericks
  • Avoid installation of unknown applications in the system to prevent abrupt file loss
  • Follow proper procedure while shutting down Mac system

Android Application to Run on Windows and Mac

Android operating system has become very popular these days and you can see the device in every individual which is running with Android OS. One can install many applications on Android based devices by just visiting Google Play app. However in most of the time, when you download any APK file on your Windows or Mac computer, it does not work; this is because APK files does not support to work on Window and Mac based systems. Hence to overcome this problem, Google has introduced a software which will help to run Android apps on not only Windows and Mac platform but also on Linux operating system.

The software is named as Arc Welder. This software will easily convert Android application to the versions which can be easily used with Google chrome browser as well as Windows Mac and Linus operating system.  Running phone application on desktop in desktop certainly mean losing some functions as newer desktops is devoid of few extras such as GPS receivers, accelerometers which are very standard on Android devices such as smartphones and Tablets. But Arc Welder has the ability to reach different operating systems as it has the potential to support it.

Even though Arc Welder is the outstanding software which has been developed to run Android App on Windows and Mac computer, it too has limitation, you can load only one app at a time and you need to choose portrait or landscape layout to ensure whether you want to launch it in phone or tablet style. You can even select multiple application by picking download ZIP option and then activating extension mode in order to load the folder having APK extension.

Moving further, one of the biggest benefit of this software is the support for Google Play services. Formerly, many application would crash once it has been put through the packager as the applications were relied on API as well as other bits of OS infrastructure that Google has restricted to access. But these barriers are brought down and using Arc Welder application, plenty of application that is compatible with Android operating system can be used on Windows Mac as well as Linux operating systems.  To know more about Arc Welder application, you are suggested to visit this link


Retrieve Accidentally Deleted Files from Memory Card

“I am a photo enthusiastic and I keep recording video clippings and pictures on my mobile phone. These photos and videos along with other media files get saved in memory card mounted on mobile phone. However, today while trying to move files from one folder to another on memory card, I accidentally chose delete option for selected files. Now, how can I retrieve these accidentally deleted files from memory card? Your help will be of great assistance.”

Memory card users usually place media files in it from various gadgets. This compact sized storage media performs fascinatingly in saving files from fast processing gadgets like video recorders, digital still cameras, compact cameras and so on. However, one may lose such valuable files from memory card in number of possible ways. Deletion is one of the most frequently seen causes behind file loss from memory card.

Files can be erased from memory card in below mentioned instances:

  • Accidentally erasing files from memory card when connected to system will make those files to bypass Recycle Bin
  • Virus intrusion to memory card by downloading infected files on to the card from unsecure online sites or by connecting the card to infected system may causes file deletion
  • While browsing for any files on memory card, unintentionally deleting files in some swinging mood
  • Use of insecure antivirus tool to scan memory card can sometimes result in removal of files from card without giving any prior notice

In these instances if files from memory card gets mistakenly erased then one may think that deleted files are completely erased from the card. However, it is not true; erased files are still intact with memory card but made invisible to the OS as there are no registry entries or index value to reach the files. So, if memory card is not overwritten with new files after deletion, it is possible to recover such erased files. Now, question may arise like how to retrieve accidentally deleted files from memory card? It is very simple, just employ good memory card file recovery tool.

Approach to restore deleted files from memory card:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the best program to extract erased files from all types of memory cards with ease. This amazing tool can retrieve photos – IMG, PIC, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc; videos – MPEG, P4, MOV, AVI, MPG, 3G2, etc; audios – MP3, AMR, AIFF, M4A, etc. and RAW images like NEF, CR2, SRW, ORF, FFF, PEF and so on. It can restore deleted as well as missing media files from memory cards like SD, mini SD, micro SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC, XQD and so on. This tool can even regain media data from portable hard disk, SSD, system hard drive, pen drive, etc. with hassle-free on Windows computers. Make use of this proficient software on Windows OS – 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003 computers to execute error-free recovery of media files.

Working procedure of memory card erased file recovery tool:

Download the software on your Windows computer and connect the victim memory card to this system. Install the tool and after running it, wait for main screen. Then click on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ option to rescue erased files. Then, choose the drive that represents memory card externally connected to system. Further, choose the file types to be recovered from memory card otherwise skip this step. When scanning completes, view rescued files in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’. Preview any selected files and save all files to new destination location on storage media other than memory card.

How to Fix AVI Movies

“I was searching for a movie over internet and after searching a lot, I got it in certain website. I have downloaded the files and it got successfully downloaded. However, when I try to play in media player, it refused to play. The movie was in AVI format. Please someone help me to resolve this issue. Thanks”

Are you the one who faced above situation and looking for a solution to overcome it. If your answer is yes then do not worry!!! This page will show you the exact way to overcome your problem. The main cause for above situation could be corruption. AVI movies fails to play when it is in corrupted state and you will get different error messages when you try to play it in media players.

Causes for AVI movies corruption:

  • Virus attack on AVI movies could make it corrupted and media player fails to play it
  • In case watching process of AVI movies is interrupted due to power failure then it may get corrupted
  • Improperly closing media player in which AVI movies is being played could result upon its corruption
  • AVI movies might get corrupted if you forcefully shut down your computer when it is open from background
  • Bad sectors on the drive in which you have saved AVI file is one of the main reason for corrupting it

You can easily repair AVI movies with the help of software named Yodot AVI Repair. As its name suggests, this software has been specially introduced to repair issues related to AVI file. It will eliminate all kinds of errors from AVI file and make it as healthy and viewable one. Along with AVI file, you are able to repair DIVX and XVID file of any size. You need not worry about the quality which it deliver as it is 100% safe to use and does not modify any files present in your computer. Upon repairing AVI file, it will show you its preview so that you can check its quality before moving further to save on a desired location. It supports both Windows and Mac computer running with Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, server 2003 and 2008, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite operating systems.

Steps to fix corrupted AVI videos:

Download Yodot AVI Repair software and install it to your Windows or Mac computer. Go here. Soon after installation, run it to begin the repair process. Main screen shows an option which asks you to select for corrupted AVI file. Upon choosing AVI file click on “Repair” to begin the scanning procedure. Wait till the scanning process gets completed.  Preview repaired AVI files for confirmation and at last save them on a desired location.

Restoring Data from Mac OS X 10.8

“Guys, I want to know how to recover missing files from my Mac OS X 10.8 i.e. Mountain Lion operating system. I was transferring some data from my Mac OS X 10.8 system to external storage device, wherein there was abrupt power failure that halted the file sharing process. I restarted the system as soon power back only to find out that the files that were being processed are missing; they are not present in external hard drive as well in the Mac OS X 10.8 system. Please help me out in this!”

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) is the 9th major release from Apple for desktop version of Mac computers. This OS is included with better malware protection tool that provides protection against severe virus threats. User can save various files in Mac OS X 10.8 system and access them accordingly without any trouble. But at times, you may face some scenarios that lead to deletion of important files form Mac OS X 10.8 system. To know how to perform Mac OS X 10.8 file recovery make use relevant data recovery software.

Some of the issues that can lead to loss of data from Mac OS X 10.8 operating system are:

  • Accidental deletion of files from the system while trying to removing unwanted data
  • If number of bad sectors on the hard disk has increase, then it can result in loss of files that are present on these bad sectors
  • Abrupt removal of external storage device when files are being processed may cause loss of valuable information
  • Power surge, file system corruption, hard drive failure, emptying Trash folder are some of the other issues that can result in loss of data from Mac OS X 10.8 OS

Mac OS X 10.8 Data Recovery Tool:

Yodot Mac File Recovery is one of most asked tools when there is need to recover deleted / missing files from Mac OS X 10.8 operating system. This utility is included with best graphical user interface and advanced list of options that allows recovery of data from Mac OS X 10.8 system in few simple steps. Data recovery can be one not only from Mac OS X 10.8 system, but it can also be carried out on external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, memory sticks, Fire Wire drives and many others. Installation of Yodot Mac File Recovery can be carried out different versions of Mac operating systems like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mavericks respectively. Upon facing any issues at the time of installation or during rescue operation, you can always mail the same to the technical support staff who will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Simple steps to recover deleted / lost files from Mac OS X 10.8:

Click on this link to download Yodot Mac File Recovery application in the system. Once the downloading process gets completed, user can install the software and follow on screen steps. From the main screen of the utility click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery based on data loss issues. After clicking on the desired option, move to next screen to select the partition from where files have to be recovered. Upon selecting desired partition, move on to next window to mark all the file types that needs to be retrieved.  As soon as the file types are marked, user can initiate scanning of the hard drive. As recovery process gets completed, user can view the restored list of files in Data View and File Type View as required by user.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep backup of important files on more than one destination location
  • Double check the files before deleting them from the storage media
  • Always scan the external storage media before using it on Mac OS X 10.8 operating system

Get Back Deleted Files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8

“Hi, I have erased few files from Recycle Bin while trying to restore them back in my Windows 8 computer. Deleted files carry critical information and I cannot believe that I just erased them accidentally. I tried all means to restore it back manually, but nothing worked. If someone could help me to bring back deleted files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8 it will be very helpful; kindly help.”

This kind of situation can occur with any Windows user. As Recycle Bin is the temporary folder to carry deleted files, one can restore accidentally erased or necessary files before complete removal of those files. But things can go wrong when files are erased from Recycle Bin folder also. Though Windows 8 came up with amazing and additional features, it still lack in recovery of deleted files. Alike any other Windows computer, Windows 8 also removes files completely when it is deleted from Recycle Bin. Files from Recycle Bin can also get deleted in other ways as mentioned below:

  • Emptying Recycle Bin without having least glance at the files residing in it will erase all files from the folder
  • While freeing memory space on Windows 8 computer, some users may delete all files from Recycle Bin and hence suffer deletion of any files
  • Installing Windows 8 system with unsecure applications or unreliable antivirus software can sometimes erase files from Recycle Bin

Apart from this, user may also lose files from Windows 8 when deleted using command prompt or Shift+Del keys, both of which scenarios lead to complete removal of deleted files without sending it to Recycle Bin. After facing deletion of files in Windows 8, one question arises to users like how to get back deleted files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8 computer? Not to worry this question can be resolved by employing good deleted file recovery software like Yodot File Recovery. This ultimate file restoration tool can retrieve deleted as well as lost files from Windows 8 system hard drive in numerous situations. Its error-free recovery modules can bring back all files including documents, presentation files, text, folders, Excel files and many more. It can even retrieve program files like .dll that are missing from Windows 8 computer. Apart from recovering erased files from Recycle Bin, one can even rescue files from pen drive, external hard disk, SSD and other storage devices. This utility can be used on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers as well to regain deleted or lost files successfully.

Working procedure to retrieve erased files from Windows 8 Recycle Bin:

Use this link to download the software on your Windows 8 computer. Next, Install and run the utility to activate it on computer. In main screen choose the option “Deleted File Recovery” so as to extract deleted files. Next, choose the partition that held all files from Recycle Bin folder. After mentioning the partition, click next to trigger scanning process. Further, when scanning process finishes, view rescued in two view types. At the end, activate product key to save all recovered files to desired target location.