Safe Data Recovery from Failed Internal Hard Drive

When system hard drive fails, you will no longer be able to open up any programs or access system data. When it happens you might have noticed these symptoms- system unable to boot- frequent system crash- drive remains undetectable, error message stating: ‘drive has failed’ etc. It’s observed that these kind of situation arise unexpectedly and user won’t be aware of it. At this point, you can make use of some basic troubleshooting techniques and try to fix this very issue. Here you go with some relevant methods:

#1. Verify Physical connection: Before taking a major step, initially check out the internal connections and see if they are properly connected. You need to look aside cables along hard drive component and the motherboard. Also see to it that you are doing this carefully without harming other connections. Sometimes it will be minor faults with wires that would make it seem like entire HD has failed.

#2. Check if HD is detectable: Look that if hard disk drive is shown up in accessible drives. Even though you are not able to boot the computer you can still check it by entering into BIOS mode during system startup (pressing Del/Esc/F2/F10 – depending upon system manufacturer). After entering into BIOS mode, go through menu and see if your drive appears in the list. If yes, your hard drive is still in pretty good condition and problem is somewhere else. And if the drive is unrecognized then it indicates that disk is severely damaged.

If any of the above two methods doesn’t seem to help you out, then try out the next method for failed internal hard drive data recovery.

#3. Protect your data: You can ultimately restore your hard disk data with Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program at such conditions. This tool is recommended because any wrong action could possibly wipe out entire drive data and that could be a permanent loss.

Procedure to retrieve data from failed internal hard drive:

Step 1: With a great care remove your internal HD device and connect it to a healthy Windows system

Step 2: Get it here the recovery tool and start installing it on your computer

Step 3: Run the program. A main screen appears where you find two different options

  • Partition Recovery
  • Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

Go with Partition Recovery to extract data from failed drive

Step 4: Hitting on Next button triggers the program to initiate scan

Step 5: After deep scan, program returns all recovered drive data. Here it avails users to pick data that is required (you can even choose all contents)

Step 6: Next you will be asked to choose among File Type View and Data View patterns

Step 7: You can also choose to preview recovered data before saving it

Step 8: Lastly, choose a storage location (ex: save to external drive), where restored data needs to be saved

Additional key points:

  • This tool will retrieve data from both internal as well as external hard drive types
  • Supports well on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/Windows Server 2008/2003 versions
  • Helpful to regain data during disk format, partition errors, bad sectors, corruptions etc.

How to Read a PowerPoint File?

“I was working on a PPT file consisting more than 20 slides and saved it as abc.pptx on desktop. Later, when I tried to open this file, it is showing error message that “PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt” Due to this error, I am not able to read my own PowerPoint file which I created just a day ago. It had very crucial information in it. So, kindly suggest me on how can I read PowerPoint file?”

Have you ever imagined what if prepared PowerPoint document refuse to open? Then, your condition will also be similar to above user. Most of such users might start thinking about the reason for this inaccessibility. Read on to know about its possible causes, along with single online solution which will work to fix PowerPoint issue not only here but on other inaccessibility cases too. In addition to this, also consider reading about useful points to avoid such situations in nearby future.

What are the Causes that won’t let user to access PPT files?

  • Errors during round tripping process
  • Compressing or decompressing PPT files using some random third party tools
  • PowerPoint application malfunction
  • Header of PowerPoint file is getting damaged

Is there any method to read PowerPoint file?

Yes, there are number of third party tools available. Here, from the list of available tools, Yodot PPT Repair is most appropriate of all.

It’s smart and powerful repair algorithm scans and repairs your damaged PPT files with utmost accuracy. This repair application is easy to use as you can instantly repair inaccessible PowerPoint files without any professional help. And you may consider its user interface as prime reason for it. It also supports all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint from 2000 to 2016 versions. Furthermore this tool can be easily installed and run on all the latest version of Windows OS including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

So, after reading its feature, you doesn’t need to be worry about how to read a PowerPoint file?

What are the steps I need to follow to make PPT accessible?

Navigate here to download Yodot PPT Repair software on your computer or laptop >> Install it and then launch this tool to start the repair procedure >> Follow the commands which you can see on the screen >> Select damaged or corrupted PPT / PPTX / PPS files >> Hit on “Repair” button to initiate the repair process >> You can now see ongoing repair progress in the progress bar >> Finally, preview repaired PPT file to ensure right recovery

Always remember:

  • Make use of trustable Antivirus tool and keep it updated
  • Make sure there are no power interruptions while handling PowerPonit files
  • Backup all your important PowerPoint files or folders on secured storage devices
  • Exit Microsoft PowerPoint file properly after completing your work

Missing Archive.pst File Outlook 2007 Recovery

I have a system licensed with windows 7 OS and with licensed MS OFFICE – 2007. I am using outlook 2007 for my mail activity. For past one year I am using without any issues. But two days back outlook 2007 shows error like Outlook.pst cannot be found and then “cannot open your default e-mail folders”  I was very distressed for the above messages then I tried by going to, c:\users\administrator\local\appdata\microsoft\outlook path but the folder is empty .Both outlook.pst and archives.pst files are missing. What happened for my PST file and also let me know how I can recover. This is very important for to me. Because all my official transactions are done by Outlook only. Please help me for this issue……..

Outlook users have also faced PST file loss due to:

  • Unsafe antivirus scan has removed PST files from the drive without notification
  • Interruption occurred while moving Outlook 2007 PST file
  • Due to incorrect installation or un-installation of software on system resulted in missing of Outlook 2007 PST file from default location

If the archive.pst has been somehow deleted or lost, best thing you can do is to stop using the computer before anything overwrites the deleted data. Then, Install a Yodot File Recovery program on computer to perform missing Outlook 2007 archive.pst file recovery.

Why Yodot?

  • It Can retrieve lost/deleted/formatted files
  • Built in with innovative scanning technology
  • Does not modify original content of the file during recovery process
  • Can regain documents, images, audios, videos, spread sheets, PST, animation files and many more
  • Make use of “Save Recovery Session” option in order to avoid rescan
  • Can retrieve data from pen drive, hard drive, external hard drive, memory card etc. which are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems
  • This product is supported with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems.

Procedures to use the tool:

On your Windows computer, download and install Yodot File Recovery software. After installation, launch the program and follow on-screen directions in order to restore lost PST file or folder. Then choose “Lost File Recovery” option and click on next. Further, utility will thoroughly scan and display all existing drives from the system. Choose a logical drive from where you want to extract file and allow it to scan. After scanning it will display all recovered files from that drive in “Data View” / “File Type View” formats. Lastly, browse a desired destination location to save recovered PST files from Windows system.

Is It Possible To Retrieve Disappeared Files?

I stored my important files in D: folder on Windows system. I thought to transfer those file to some other drive. So by using Cut and paste option I performed this task. While doing so, suddenly system got terminated due to power fluctuation. As power resume, I am unable to find those files in D: drive. I don’t have any idea about this issue. So can anyone help me to retrieve disappeared files?

Reasons for missing of files on Windows:

  • Formatting Windows hard drive
  • During OS installation and re- installation
  • Improper system termination when file was in use
  • Due to power fluctuation when file was in use or during file transfer process from one system to another
  • File system conversion from FAT to NTFS or from NTFS to exFAT or ther
  • Virus infection

Due to above reason your files may disappear on Windows system. You can regain it with the help of Yodot File Recovery application.

Simple tool to retrieve disappeared files

Is It Possible To Retrieve Disappeared Files? Off course, you can retrieve it with the help of Yodot File Recovery application on Windows system. This software will scan specified drive and display recoverable files in a Windows styled menu which will makes it easier to restore file. The retrieved files can be viewed based on their file size, created date and file type for easy identification. As the application works on read only mode, it will not write single byte to existing files. This software can regain files from all drives formatted withFAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT and ReFS file systems. You can install this tool on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Step by step instruction of file recovery process

Download and install Yodot File Recovery application on Windows system->Run it and follow on screen instruction->Their will two option are available like “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”-> Use “Lost File Recovery” option to rescue your missing files->Next, tool will scan the entire drive->You can select the drive and hit on “Next” option->Then software starts scanning on the selected drive->As soon as scanning process gets completes, you can view restored files two form like “file and data view”->Finally you can save the recovered files in desired location.

Recover Deleted Files from Raid Drive

Does your any important files from RAID drive gets deleted? Are looking for a way to recover them? Then, here is your answer..Continue reading this page to get all prominent way to extract deleted files from RAID drive.

“Few days back, I was removing unwanted data from my system to create free space on it. While doing that, few crucial files also were deleted from it, along with unused data. Now, I am worried because those files are important for me and I want to them back badly. If you are aware of any suitable method by which this problem could be solved, then kindly suggest me.”

How can I extract deleted data from RAID drive:

Among all possible ways of recovering data from RAID, utilizing Yodot File Recovery is most advantageous and secure way to do so. It is designed with innovative methodologies, which scan sector wise, and lets you restore more than 300 file types from RAID drive.

This data recovery software is mainly useful to recover deleted data from RAID. This program consists of advanced technology and powerful algorithms to retrieve files from RAID drive quickly. Apart from RAID partitions, you can also restore deleted or missing files from SSD drives, USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards and many other storage devices. This utility is compatible with all Windows OS versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Stepwise instructions to recover files from RAID drive:

Connect RAID drive from where files got erased >> Download ‘Yodot File Recovery’ program >> Start installation and once it gets complete, launch this program on same system >> Choose one option between “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” based on your data loss situation >> Select those drives from where your important file got deleted-> Choose file types of required data that got deleted from RAID drive. After this, a progress bar will appear -> Check out the list in two distinct views i.e. “File Type View” and “Data View” ->Finally, to store all retrieved RAID files make use of Save button and mention your desired destination location for them.

Guide to know about all deletion cases of files in RAID drive:

Generally, performing Shift deletion or accessing Delete option in Command Prompt or emptying entire Recycle Bin folder without checking its content some of the major cases. However, virus intrusion on RAID drive is another major reason for it. Moreover, accessing any random antivirus program on system, where RAID drive contains virus-infected files might get removed without any prior notice.   

Windows Update Deleted My Files

Sometimes the slip-up during updating Windows may cause file deletion. The following are some of the traced reasons which are specially searched for you. Have a look on those and check whether the reasons are same as your problem.

“Hello everyone, recently I when I tried to update my Windows operating to some higher version, something went wrong in the middle of the process. Later I have searched for many important files and I couldn’t found them. This error has deleted my files. I need to get back those files. Did anyone face the same issue? If yes, please simplify the perfect solution to this problem. Thanks in advance”

“Few days back, a automatic update of Windows have deleted many of my important files. I want some of the files by the end of the day. Can anyone help me in bringing my essential files? I’ll be eagerly waiting for your reply. Please respond soon”

“I have installed a Windows update and all my crucial files gone. I don’t know the reason behind it. Is there any chance to get back those files? Please help me out if u can…”

Are you wondering by stick in to the situation like above listed? Then don’t question yourself like ‘how to recover files when Windows update deleted my files’ because you are in a right place to get a fine way to restore your files. Let’s continue to know more.

Powerful tool to get back deleted files

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the perfect technique that is offering a easy retrieval of files that are deleted after Windows update. This software uses intuitive scanning terminology to scan each and every sector of drive with fast speed. It will not write even a single byte on the drive due to its read only mode. It not only brings back deleted files from hard drive, but also lost files. Along with restoring files from hard drive, it also supports recovery from other storage devices like external hard drives, USB flash drives, SSD’s, etc. To utilize this program, you require operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Easy approach to the application

Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on your PC -> Launch the tool to proceed further -> Main screen gives two options called ‘Partition Recovery’ and ‘Formatted/Reformatted Recovery’ -> Choose ‘Formatted/Reformatted Recovery’ tab to start process -> Now pickup the drive from where you want to recover deleted files -> Allow it to scan the entire drive to bring back the files -> Once it is done, you can make use of distinct view types to view retrieved files -> Preview them to confirm retrieving process -> Browse destination location to save files after confirming with preview.

How to Recover Missing Files from Flash Drive

Flash drives turns out to be a very useful secondary storage media to hold important information and transfer them with a greater flexibility. The operations with flash drives are so simple that any non-technical users can handle them also.

In spite of being widely used because of its various advantages, flash drives are susceptible to face data loss. The sensitive information present in the flash drive can disappear all of a sudden due to various issues. So you may be thinking how to recover missing files from flash drive? Then don’t worry, this page will help in that

Possible solutions for extracting missing data from flash drive:

  1. Backup: Although flash drives itself are sometimes intended for backup, if it happens to have backup of the flash drive contents then its easier to get lost files all by yourself. It is always safe to have maintained multiple copies of your important files to avoid data loss.
  1. File recovery software: When you don’t have a backup then you are available with a number of file recovery softwares. The file recovery tool can bring back disappeared files from the flash drives.

If you are looking for reliable file recovery software, Yodot File Recovery can serve you in a better way.

Why go with Yodot File Recovery?

Yodot File Recovery (Windows) finds to be one of the smartest, safest and fastest recovery software. It ensures recovery of all the lost files from flash drive including other storage mediums. You can perform RAW search making file extraction in a shorter time. Users can self-experience the recovery process by trying trail version of the it. Also after product purchase, if user goes with save recovery session option. Yodot supports recovery of files having various extensions like doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, mdb, pdf, zip, rar and so forth. The software is compatible to work with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS versions.

How to use?

Follow the set of steps to recover missing files from flash drive.

Step 1: Download Yodot File Recovery software on your Windows PC. Install it and launch it by following instructions displayed on main screen

Step2: Make appropriate choice Lost File Recovery option to retrieve lost files or Deleted File Recovery option to restore deleted files.

Step 3: Choose the flash drive from where data goes missing and move for scanning process

Step 4: On completion of scan process, a list of recoverable files will appear. You can go with anyone out of two distinct viewing options to view the recovered files.

Step 5: Go through Preview to verify whether restored files are working correctly or not

Step 6: Click on Save and browse for destination path where you want to store retrieved data

How to Recover Ringtones from iTunes?

Have you deleted or lost ringtones from iTunes? Didn’t you maintain Backup? Now you looking forward to get back your essential ringtones from iTunes? Then this article will describes relevant solution to overcome from it.

Reason for losing ringtones from iTunes:

  • Accidently erasing ringtones from iTunes on Mac system
  • Viruses can infect iTunes can lead to loss of ringtones
  • Improperly installing iTunes application
  • Restoring your iTunes to its factory settings to overcome problems like freeze, corruption, formatting errors, etc can cause complete loss of ringtones

In such situation you may think how to recover ringtones from iTunes? Don’t worry!! You can easily retrieve your ringtones which is lost from iTunes with the help of Yodot Mac Photo Recovery.

 Software to recover ringtones from iTunes

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application will help you to recover ringtones from iTunes on Mac system. You can retrieve ringtones which is missing from iTunes. By employing this tool you can regain ringtones of different format such as aac, .m4a, .m4r etc. on Mac system. This program has friendly graphical interface facilitates easiest and fastest recovery of ringtones from iTunes without facing any difficulties. It has ability to retrieve music, pictures, videos, documents and other files from iPod models, memory cards, hard disk Volumes, music players, pen drives, etc on Mac operating system. It is compatible with Mac operating system running with Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Yosemite.

Simple steps to retrieve ringtones from iTunes

Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application to Mac system-> Run the installed application and follow main screen instruction-> Application will display two options ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ and ‘Lost Photo Recovery’->Choice one option to recover ringtones from iTunes->Next tool will scans your Mac system and displays all the internal and external volumes-> Select the volume which represents your iTunes and click “Next”-> Next, it will start scanning process which will take couple of minutes->As soon as scanning process gets completed, you can select ringtones from ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’-> Later, save recovered ringtones to a desired location

IPhoto Pictures Missing after Upgrade

Hello everyone, I need an immediate help without any delay. Recently, I have upgraded iPhoto application on my Mac system. Yesterday when I opened it, I realized that many pictures are missing. The most part of the photos that are missing is very important. I just hope you guys got a clear view about my problem. Please suggest me a traced solution to restore my images. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your response.

As you know the reason for your problem, it is easy to find a solution for it. But there are many unknown reasons end up with photo loss from iPhoto gallery. In such instances, it is difficult to search for an solution. But here in this page, you will find a reliable solution to regain all your missing pictures. Before going through it, let’s see some more situations that users are regularly encountering.

Reasons that make iPhoto pictures go missing

  • Due to up gradation of Mac to higher versions
  • Because of sudden iPhoto application crash
  • Improper reinstallation of OS
  • Errors while upgrading iPhoto application

Application to bring back iPhotos images

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the powerful program to restore iPhoto pictures missing after upgrade. It is an ultimate recovery technique which is offering an easy retrieval of images. It enables you to get back images from storage devices like camera memory card, iPods, hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards and many others. The program not only restores pictures but also audio files and video files. It is a secure tool which works on read only mode that will not alter the contents in file. You will be enabled to run this utility only on Mac operating system (Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and EI Capitan).

Procedure to be followed to execute tool

Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery program on Mac computer -> Run and launch the application to ensue further -> Main screen provides two recovery options called ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ and ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ -> Choose ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ tab from available list of options -> After this screen, you will be listed with volumes that are available on the system -> Choose the volume where iPhotos application is running -> Allow it to scan your volume completely -> Sit back and relax, it may take couple of minutes -> As soon as it gets over, you can select files by using ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’ -> Preview pictures to confirm process -> Browse desired folder to save retrieved images.

Broken Hard Drive Data Recovery

Since 2-3 years, I am using Windows system but never find anything unusual till today. Like other days, today I started my system but compare to others, today it is taking longer time to reach on main screen. Moreover, a clicking noise from hard disk was coming in every 5-10 seconds. When I discussed this problem with friends, I got to know it’s because of broken hard drive. So, I want to know, is it possible to recover data from broken hard drive?
Reasons and symptoms for getting broken HDD:

Are you also having same question like above user? Then, answer is yes, of course you can recover broken hard drive data but make sure that no one use affected hard disk till its recovery. Generally, when hard disk not recognized on system or system fails to boot or freezes in middle of booting process, it means this is the case of broken hard drive. And it rises when file structure of hard disk get damaged.

What should be done in case of broken hard drive?

When it comes to hard drives, users give more priority to data than hard drive. Maximum users believe, another hard drive can be purchase or broken hard disk can be repair but if data saved it will remove, you cannot get them back easily. As due to broken hard drive, all saved HDD data became inaccessible, so other than backup, only a reliable third-party tool can help you to get back them. However, if there is no backup and you are confused about selecting broken hard disk recovery program, try Yodot Hard drive Recovery.

Features of this software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is well-suited recovery program to recover broken HDD. If the broken hard drive is formatted with different file system like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT, user can recover it with this application. This software enables to extract data from variety of externally connected storage devices like USB drive, memory card, SSD, many more, along with internal hard drives. Moreover, its advanced scanning technique allows you to restore data from damaged, formatted and reformatted partition. Desktop/laptops running with Windows 10, windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS versions can make use of it effortlessly.

Note: To know about steps for experiencing working of this tool, consider reading below paragraph.

Instructions to recover broken hard disk data:

At first, connect your broken hard disk to healthy Windows system -> Now, to access this software, click here. Install it and launch it with the help of shortcut icon of it -> From first screen, choose “Partition Recovery” option to recover broken HDD data -> From the  list of available devices, select the one which represent externally connected broken hard drive and click on Next button -> Next, select file types of required data or click on Skip button for entire hard drive recovery and click on Next to allow the tool for scanning-> After successful scan, you can see recoverable data in “Data View” or “File Type View” views -> Finally, click on “Save” button and provide a preffered location to save rescued data