Dealing with Error During Repair Process My SCANPST Turned Unresponsive

The Outlook SCANPST tool

Microsoft is inbuilt with repair utility called scanpst to have a favorable user experience. It proves to be useful especially when Outlook data files suffers from corruption issues. Running this feature will ultimately fix any damages faced alongside Outlook data. It performs all necessary fixtures by performing a scan operation.

Issues while running scanpst.exe: Even though this in-built utility has proved to successfully repair Outlook emails, there are certain situations that lead to some erroneous situations. The inbox repair tool- scanpst fails to fix the error, leading to further corruptions. On the other side, during the scan process error occurs that turn Outlook to behave unresponsive. This gives rise to a serious situation where the users will not be able to any data on Outlook. Consider one such case-

Hi there, I recently upgraded my Windows PC. The very next day when I went to check emails on my Outlook I saw some message saying that some error has been detected in Outlook.pst.  I went with SCANPST to fix this error as I had tried this method before. But this time as I began with run scan and repair, it says there are some files that need to be repaired. T any attempts it does not listen to repair at all and application freezes. Now how do I fix this error during repair process my scanpst turned unresponsive? Please get me a solution to save all my Outlook data, urgent!!.”

It is true that not in every case the scanpst fruitfully deal with Outlook errors. There involve many causes whereby Outlook Repair utility won’t be able to handle errors and it eventually turns inbox repair utility to fail. This kind of scenarios rather put users to a worry about the critical data on Outlook. Here are some known causes-

  • Corruptions or damages to data files
  • Impact of malicious programs and virus threats
  • File oversize issues
  • Incorrectly installed SCANPST utility
  • Problems within Microsoft Exchange Server

How to handle SCANPST errors?

Under such circumstances, there is no such other inbuilt repair function available on MS Outlook that will help. The only way out here is to rely on a repair software. For safe repair, take a wise action by installing Yodot Outlook PST Repair. This has been proved to safely fix and recover all Outlook emails and attributes with a high success ratio. Listed here some of its uses and features-

  • Multi-purpose: Avails functionality to fix corrupted Outlook data, find missing files, recover deleted items or Outlook folders etc.
  • Easy to use: Users can carry out repair actions with a simple set of steps. Also, comes with a friendly UI
  • Supported Outlook versions: MS Outlook 2000, MS Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007, MS Outlook 2010, MS Outlook 2013, MS Outlook 2016, MS Office 365 editions
  • OS compatibility: Robustly runs on all latest Windows editions (from Windows 10 until Vista).

How to carry out fix using Yodot Outlook PST Repair?

Step 1: Begin to download the repair application on your Windows system with the link provided here

Step 2: Carry out the installation and run the program

Step 3: Tick on Open PST File option in order to fix corrupted Outlook file

Step 4: Then specify the Outlook file location on your computer

Step 5: Set a scan method among Normal Scan and Smart Scan

Step 6: Hit on Repair button for the software to continue fixing corruptions

Step 7: Repaired data can be then previewed