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Importance of Hard Drive Size

Nowadays, hard drive play very important role in the industry. It is mainly used to store huge amount of data with respect to its size limit. By using hard drive or portable drives you can maintain backup copy regularly, by doing so you can overcome data loss situation

Types of the external drive is introduced two broad groups i.e. depending on its size and speed. Different kinds of internal hard drives or external drive are available in market with respect to its storage capacity.  The drives are powered independently from an external source of strength rather than the computer itself. If you want to transfer data from external hard drive to computer then you can attach this portable drive through Flash cable or a Fire wire or the eSATA cable influenced by the options provided as features of the external hard drive.

All computers or laptops will have one or more hard drive where you can store information. Typically, these drives are found internally as well as externally which is becoming a part of the computers. In external storage drive, sensitive information can be maintained in a safe and in protected atmosphere as well as they are used as backup devices.

These drives can be connected to the home network router, but no need to attach to a computer in order to do any function. This router acts a portal, enabling data transfer between the computers along with other devices inside a home as well as the hard drive. Nowadays all attracted towards media devices and several drives have particular built-in servers for different media types including iTunes, activities and videos.

However, sometimes you may lose your essential data from external drive due to several reasons such as improper way of ejecting portable drives, using same external drives to different computer or devices, formatting and so on.

Disk drive are most significant and useful with essential features.

Advantages of Windows Disk Management

Disk Management Utility is a in tool which assist you to manage hard drive and partitions created on your Windows computer. It comes inbuilt with major Windows operating system namely Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It permit you to perform all the major hard drive functions like, converting basic drive to dynamic drive and vice versa, open any partition, format  external and internal storage media, change drive letter or assign drive letter to existing partition, shrink or extend partition etc.

One can easily open Disk management screen by going through following instructions:

Open “My computer” and right click on it. Select “Manage” option and then opting “Disk management” option from “Storage”. At the same time, you can press “Windows” button and “R” key together to open “Run” Window. Type “diskmgmt.msc” in the text box and hit OK. Now “Disk Management” screen will be displayed to you. As soon as the disk management screen is opened, you will be able to see the partition as well as the primary drive that stores OS files. It even shows the details such as drive capacity, file system, assigned drive letters as well as used and free space.

To make any changes to the drive or partition using Disk Management Utility, right click on the drive and select required options. As discussed previously there are many options available on disk management utility and along with this you can mark the partition as active, add mirror and change drive paths. In addition to these advantages explained about disk management utility, you will also get few other features that might help you to enhance the functionality of your Windows computer. All in one, Disk management provides a best way to manage the drive by consuming less time on Windows computer.


Android Application to Run on Windows and Mac

Android operating system has become very popular these days and you can see the device in every individual which is running with Android OS. One can install many applications on Android based devices by just visiting Google Play app. However in most of the time, when you download any APK file on your Windows or Mac computer, it does not work; this is because APK files does not support to work on Window and Mac based systems. Hence to overcome this problem, Google has introduced a software which will help to run Android apps on not only Windows and Mac platform but also on Linux operating system.

The software is named as Arc Welder. This software will easily convert Android application to the versions which can be easily used with Google chrome browser as well as Windows Mac and Linus operating system.  Running phone application on desktop in desktop certainly mean losing some functions as newer desktops is devoid of few extras such as GPS receivers, accelerometers which are very standard on Android devices such as smartphones and Tablets. But Arc Welder has the ability to reach different operating systems as it has the potential to support it.

Even though Arc Welder is the outstanding software which has been developed to run Android App on Windows and Mac computer, it too has limitation, you can load only one app at a time and you need to choose portrait or landscape layout to ensure whether you want to launch it in phone or tablet style. You can even select multiple application by picking download ZIP option and then activating extension mode in order to load the folder having APK extension.

Moving further, one of the biggest benefit of this software is the support for Google Play services. Formerly, many application would crash once it has been put through the packager as the applications were relied on API as well as other bits of OS infrastructure that Google has restricted to access. But these barriers are brought down and using Arc Welder application, plenty of application that is compatible with Android operating system can be used on Windows Mac as well as Linux operating systems.  To know more about Arc Welder application, you are suggested to visit this link