Efficient Tool to Recover Windows Files

People use hard drives to store valuable information, but sometimes data stored on it becomes inaccessible. Data disaster may strike all of a sudden without giving prior warnings. For instance – File accidentally gets deleted, corrupted, lost, or a number of unfortunate things that prevent you from gaining access to the file. The worse thing is, you don’t have a backup and are in desperate need of those important files. More often we are not quite aware of the real risks and how to avoid them.

Most common reasons for data loss are connected to our everyday actions like the way we save, store and handle our data. Such as;

  • Due to Viruses and harmful malware
  • Mechanical damage of hard drive
  • Power failures
  • Emptying Recycle Bin completely

Let us see some situations that caused deletion of files

  • Being fickle minded, I accidentally deleted some files from external storage device that I wasn’t supposed to delete. How do I recover my permanently deleted files back?
  • Our computer crashed and lost data. We even took the system to a data recovery service and after 5 days they told us that they could not undelete the data
  • I unintentionally formatted the storage drive, can I recover files again?

Well, don’t panic, as it is possible to recover data, because when you delete a file, you don’t actually ‘’delete’’ it. You just lose access to it and the space occupied by deleted files is marked as “available to reuse”. So the deleted files remain physically on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. This means that there is a certain duration where it is possible to restore the file.

Possible ways to recover your files from damaged or erased hard drive

  • Recover deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin:

If you just move your data to the Recycle Bin and haven’t emptied it, just go there and select, Right-click on them and choose Restore option. Please check Recycle Bin carefully before you decide to empty it.

  • Recover files from your Backup:

Do you back up your hard drive regularly? If yes, then all you need is to use the backup program and restore lost files from backups. This is an easy way to do data recovery.

And if you don’t back up, maybe it’s time to get into the habit. Choose a reliable backup program or using cloud drive. This could help you if data loss happens again.

  • Utilize a file restoration application:

If you have no backup and need data recovery software, assuming no other file has overwritten the deleted file on the hard drive.

Even after following the above mentioned measures you are not able to recover files? Are you in search of relevant tool to recover window files? Here you can try using Yodot file Recovery. This is fastest, smartest and safest software to recover deleted files.

Features of Yodot File Recovery

  • Using Preview option, one can determine whether right file has been extracted
  • Retrieves files from not only hard drive, but also from USB drive, iPod, external hard drive etc.
  • Comes with “Save Recovery Session” option
  • This tool is free from virus and any malware / spyware
  • It is a handy tool, suitable for all types of users

Steps to recover files from Windows

  • Hit here to download and install Yodot File Recovery software on Windows
  • Choose  “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost file Recovery” option to get back files
  • You can view list of drives or partition present in the system
  • Select the drive / partition  from where you want to recover files
  • The software scans the chosen drive and displays list of deleted/lost files
  • With the help of two view types i.e. “Data View” and “File Type View” you can easily search and view retrieved data
  • Save required files to your desired location on Windows.

Missing Archive.pst File Outlook 2007 Recovery

I have a system licensed with windows 7 OS and with licensed MS OFFICE – 2007. I am using outlook 2007 for my mail activity. For past one year I am using without any issues. But two days back outlook 2007 shows error like Outlook.pst cannot be found and then “cannot open your default e-mail folders”  I was very distressed for the above messages then I tried by going to, c:\users\administrator\local\appdata\microsoft\outlook path but the folder is empty .Both outlook.pst and archives.pst files are missing. What happened for my PST file and also let me know how I can recover. This is very important for to me. Because all my official transactions are done by Outlook only. Please help me for this issue……..

Outlook users have also faced PST file loss due to:

  • Unsafe antivirus scan has removed PST files from the drive without notification
  • Interruption occurred while moving Outlook 2007 PST file
  • Due to incorrect installation or un-installation of software on system resulted in missing of Outlook 2007 PST file from default location

If the archive.pst has been somehow deleted or lost, best thing you can do is to stop using the computer before anything overwrites the deleted data. Then, Install a Yodot File Recovery program on computer to perform missing Outlook 2007 archive.pst file recovery.

Why Yodot?

  • It Can retrieve lost/deleted/formatted files
  • Built in with innovative scanning technology
  • Does not modify original content of the file during recovery process
  • Can regain documents, images, audios, videos, spread sheets, PST, animation files and many more
  • Make use of “Save Recovery Session” option in order to avoid rescan
  • Can retrieve data from pen drive, hard drive, external hard drive, memory card etc. which are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems
  • This product is supported with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems.

Procedures to use the tool:

On your Windows computer, download and install Yodot File Recovery software. After installation, launch the program and follow on-screen directions in order to restore lost PST file or folder. Then choose “Lost File Recovery” option and click on next. Further, utility will thoroughly scan and display all existing drives from the system. Choose a logical drive from where you want to extract file and allow it to scan. After scanning it will display all recovered files from that drive in “Data View” / “File Type View” formats. Lastly, browse a desired destination location to save recovered PST files from Windows system.

Is It Possible To Retrieve Disappeared Files?

I stored my important files in D: folder on Windows system. I thought to transfer those file to some other drive. So by using Cut and paste option I performed this task. While doing so, suddenly system got terminated due to power fluctuation. As power resume, I am unable to find those files in D: drive. I don’t have any idea about this issue. So can anyone help me to retrieve disappeared files?

Reasons for missing of files on Windows:

  • Formatting Windows hard drive
  • During OS installation and re- installation
  • Improper system termination when file was in use
  • Due to power fluctuation when file was in use or during file transfer process from one system to another
  • File system conversion from FAT to NTFS or from NTFS to exFAT or ther
  • Virus infection

Due to above reason your files may disappear on Windows system. You can regain it with the help of Yodot File Recovery application.

Simple tool to retrieve disappeared files

Is It Possible To Retrieve Disappeared Files? Off course, you can retrieve it with the help of Yodot File Recovery application on Windows system. This software will scan specified drive and display recoverable files in a Windows styled menu which will makes it easier to restore file. The retrieved files can be viewed based on their file size, created date and file type for easy identification. As the application works on read only mode, it will not write single byte to existing files. This software can regain files from all drives formatted withFAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT and ReFS file systems. You can install this tool on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Step by step instruction of file recovery process

Download and install Yodot File Recovery application on Windows system->Run it and follow on screen instruction->Their will two option are available like “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”-> Use “Lost File Recovery” option to rescue your missing files->Next, tool will scan the entire drive->You can select the drive and hit on “Next” option->Then software starts scanning on the selected drive->As soon as scanning process gets completes, you can view restored files two form like “file and data view”->Finally you can save the recovered files in desired location.

Recover Deleted Files from Raid Drive

Does your any important files from RAID drive gets deleted? Are looking for a way to recover them? Then, here is your answer..Continue reading this page to get all prominent way to extract deleted files from RAID drive.

“Few days back, I was removing unwanted data from my system to create free space on it. While doing that, few crucial files also were deleted from it, along with unused data. Now, I am worried because those files are important for me and I want to them back badly. If you are aware of any suitable method by which this problem could be solved, then kindly suggest me.”

How can I extract deleted data from RAID drive:

Among all possible ways of recovering data from RAID, utilizing Yodot File Recovery is most advantageous and secure way to do so. It is designed with innovative methodologies, which scan sector wise, and lets you restore more than 300 file types from RAID drive.

This data recovery software is mainly useful to recover deleted data from RAID. This program consists of advanced technology and powerful algorithms to retrieve files from RAID drive quickly. Apart from RAID partitions, you can also restore deleted or missing files from SSD drives, USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards and many other storage devices. This utility is compatible with all Windows OS versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Stepwise instructions to recover files from RAID drive:

Connect RAID drive from where files got erased >> Download ‘Yodot File Recovery’ program >> Start installation and once it gets complete, launch this program on same system >> Choose one option between “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” based on your data loss situation >> Select those drives from where your important file got deleted-> Choose file types of required data that got deleted from RAID drive. After this, a progress bar will appear -> Check out the list in two distinct views i.e. “File Type View” and “Data View” ->Finally, to store all retrieved RAID files make use of Save button and mention your desired destination location for them.

Guide to know about all deletion cases of files in RAID drive:

Generally, performing Shift deletion or accessing Delete option in Command Prompt or emptying entire Recycle Bin folder without checking its content some of the major cases. However, virus intrusion on RAID drive is another major reason for it. Moreover, accessing any random antivirus program on system, where RAID drive contains virus-infected files might get removed without any prior notice.   

Recovering Microsoft Word Files

“Last night I was working on one of my previous word file; but suddenly my Mac system got crashed without any prior notice. When I restarted my system, I did not found that specific Word file. I searched in every volume as well as Trash but did not found it anywhere. Now, I don’t know what to do? Lost Word file is the result of my 3 to 4 months hard work, so I can’t afford to lose it. Please if somebody knows any relevant method or tool for Word file recovery then suggest me one.”

Like above-mentioned scenario, there are many more situations where user loses Word files on Mac OS X. Some of major deletion incidents are mentioned below:

  • While transferring word file from PC to some external device if system suddenly turns off then user may face loss of files
  • Mistakenly choosing Word file instead of some unused file while deleting files in bulk will erase entire files forever
  • Sometimes running antivirus program on system can remove virus infected files without user’s knowledge including Word files
  • Unknowingly deleting Word file and emptying trash without checking its content will take Word documents away from user
  • While working on Word file, any interruptions like power failure, ejection of external drive in middle of Word file transfer, etc. can happen which result to loss of specific Word files from Mac

In Macintosh, there is a feature called ‘Time Machine’ utility, allowing user to keep regular backup of data to prevent data loss. However, sometimes unpredicted instances like above mentioned issues can take place and trigger file loss. In that instance, if Time Machine is unavailable then user loses valuable files. Even though if anybody is facing such situations don’t panic because there is still a way to get back deleted or lost data. By utilizing some relevant tool like ‘Yodot Mac File Recovery’ Microsoft Word file Recovery on Mac can be achieved.

Software for Word files recovery on Macintosh system: 

‘Yodot Mac File Recovery’ program is used to rescue deleted or lost Word files on Mac computer. Without any efforts, Mac users can easily bring back lost or deleted Word files by utilizing few clicks on application window. Other than deleted Word documents, user can also restore excel sheets, PowerPoint files, PDF files, compressed files, basic media files, and many more. It supports recovery of Word file from HFS, HFS+, HFSX and FAT volumes on Mac system. This tool facilitates retrieval of MS Office Word files from USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards and lot more storage devices. Yodot program supports recovery of deleted, lost and missing Doc or Docx files created by MS Office Word versions such as Word 2010, Word 2007, Word 2003, Word 2002 or Word 2000. It has smart search algorithm, which can search and regain more than 300 file types from various volume of Macintosh computer. This software supports Mac system running with Mac OS X 10.5 x (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7(Lion), Mac OS X 10.7 (Mountain Lion), OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) operating system.

Steps for retrieving Word file:

In order to regain Word files download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery software on Mac system. After installing, run this program on your system by following every displayed instruction from main screen. Now, according to deletion scenarios choose one option between ‘Deleted File Recovery’ and Lost File Recovery’. Then, select specific volume from which you have lost Word files. Further, mark required file types from list to recover specific file types only. Otherwise, click on “Skip” option to select all the file types by default. Very next, scanning window with detailed information will be displayed on main screen. It takes some minutes to finish scanning, after which user can view scanned data in two different viewing formats i.e. ‘File Type View’ and ‘Data View ‘. User can save entire recovery session by clicking on ‘Save Recovery Session’ option for future reference. At last, provide destination path to store all retrieved Word files on Mac system.

Get Back Deleted Files from LaCie External Hard Drive

If you are reading this page, then you might have deleted some imported files from a LaCie external hard drive. You might be frustrated because you have not maintained backup of deleted files. You may be thinking that it is not possible to get those files from LaCie external hard drive again but it’s not true!! One can still get back files by using any appropriate file recovery software.

Users of LaCie external hard drive increasing day by day. This is because it can store, transfer and backup files easily. Due to its huge storage capacity, it can store large amount of data in it such as photos, audios, videos, documents etc. However, there are chances of files from LaCie external hard drive get deleted. Let us discuss few of such scenarios:

  • Shift deleting vital files while erasing unwanted files from LaCie external hard drive
  • Users might delete files using Windows DOS command prompt option
  • Unintentionally formatting a LaCie external hard drive will wipe out entire data from it

If you’re planning to recover deleted files from LaCie external hard drive, then don’t copy any files to it, until you finish with file extraction method. If you still copy any files to it before recovering deleted files, then there is a chance of replacement of deleted files with newly added files.

Tool to retrieve deleted files from LaCie external hard drive:

Yodot File Recovery is well-known application to retrieve deleted files from LaCie external hard drive on Windows system. It is built with advanced scanning technology which can scan selected drive thoroughly and restores deleted and lost data. It operates in read only mode, i.e. it won’t modify  any part of the original file content upon recovery process. Its RAW Search options allows to select particular file format so that recovery process becomes easier and faster. This tool is used to identify and regain all type of files such as MS office documents, images, audios, videos, text files, animations and so on. Recovery of files can be done from all the drives formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT and ReFS file systems.

Simple steps to use the tool:

Firstly, connect LaCie external hard drive to a computer. Then, download and install Yodot File Recovery software. Launch tool and follow instructions given on the screen. Further, utility will provide two options on next screen, i.e. “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Select “Deleted File Recovery” in order to recover deleted files from LaCie external hard drive. Later, you will be able to see the list of internal and external hard drives available in your system. Now, choose drive which represents LaCie external hard drive and click on ‘Next’. Then, application will scan the selected external device deeply and displays all recovered files in Data View / File Type View. Choose file which you want to restore and view it by using “Preview” option. Then finally browse the desired destination location to store recovered files rather than source location.

Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows Server 2008

“I accidently deleted few files by pressing “shift +delete” keys on Windows Server 2008. Later, I noticed that those files are very essential to me and even I don’t have single copy of it. So can anyone suggest me how to recover shift deleted files in Windows server 2008? ”

Windows Server 2008 also called Win2K8 is designed and developed by Microsoft, which is mainly used to handle internet hosting, corporate networking, database, enterprise messaging and many other functions. However, sometimes important files may get erased permanently from Windows Server 2008 system due to user mistakes.

For an instance one may delete their files by using shift delete combination, which erase those files permanently from Windows Server 2008. While using shift delete every user encounters this type of problems. There are some other ways in which files will get permanently deleted from Windows Server 2008:

mistakenly delete their essential files by using command prompt on Windows Server 2008, which erase those files permanently will not allow to go for Recycle Bin folder. Recycle bin folder can hold only 10% of data. If its content is larger than hard disk drive, it doesn’t hold any other data, so it automatically deletes all the files stored on it

If we mistakenly use shift delete command for deleting file, it is not possible to bring back those erased files. Because, use of Shift delete keys will cause the files to bypass Recycle Bin folder. But, still those erased files will be still unbroken on Windows hard drive, which can be restored back with help of efficient file recovery application.

Shift deleted files recovery from Windows Server 2008:

Yodot File Recovery is an outstanding application to recover permanently deleted files from Windows Server 2008 operating system. This software has unique scanning strategies that can bring back permanently deleted / missing file types like MS Office documents, folders, generic media files, program files, compressed archives, etc. It has capacity to extract lost files from hard drives, removable hard disks, USB drives, flash memory cards and other popular storage media on Windows OS. It is flexible on Windows Server 2008 as well as on Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

Simple procedure for recovering shift deleted files in Win2K8 system:

Download and install Yodot  File Recovery software on  Windows Server 2008 System -> Run installed application with given main screen instructions -> Select “Delete File Recovery” option which helps to recover shift deleted files from Windows 2008-> Later, this tool shows all  partitions or drive present in system -> Select the drive / partition from where permanently deleted files has to be restored -> Next, it starts scanning process on selected drive or partition -> Once scanning process is completed, this tool will show list of deleted files in two views namely “File Type View” and “Data View” options -> Mark the required files and preview them using “Preview” button -> Finally, save retrieved  files to different destination location on Win2K8 system by clicking “Save “button.

Retrieve Missing Files from Flash Drive

A flash drive is a USB memory storage component which stores data in digital format. The main advantages of this storage device include compact size, portability, high storage capacity and many more. These devices are frequently used to share data from one computer to another and carry data in your pocket. Albeit, files stored in these flash drives are not 100% secured, data loss is also common problem in these devices.

Let us discuss different reasons behind missing file from flash drives: 

  • Format: Mistakenly selecting format option on flash drive results in complete loss of files stored in it
  • Virus or malware attack: Virus or other malicious programs infection on flash drive leads to device inaccessibility and leads to loss of files and folders from the device
  • Interruptions: Files may go missing from flash drive due to sudden power supply or abrupt removal of the drive device while transferring files from pen drive to system
  • Other reasons: Other reasons include flash drive file system corruption, format error, and many more

Don’t get disappointed, if you have faced the above discussed scenarios and lost files from your flash dive, because you can rescue them back easily with the aid of a fine file recovery program. Although missing files can be retrieved back from flash drive, if you use that device to store new files then there is less possibilities of recovering missing files from flash drive. Because overwriting missing files storage space by new files makes file recovery very difficult. Therefore, restore missing files as soon as possible from flash drive.

Software to rescue missing files from flash drive:

As stated in first paragraphs missing files from flash drives can be restored back using file recovery software. Yodot File Recovery is one of the most used applications to recover missing files from flash drive on Windows system. The software even allows you to restore files after deletion, format or corruption issues in USB flash drive. Moreover, the program not only extracts data from flash drive but also gets back data from other storage components such as internal hard drives, memory cards, portable hard disk, SSD drives, FireWire drives and others. I can support recovery of missing files from all major flash drive brands such as SanDisk, HP, Kingston, Transcend, and many more. You can download and install this tool on Windows system having Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Steps to recover missing files from flash drive:

Connect your flash drive to your Windows system via USB port -> Download Yodot File Recovery and install it to that computer -> Run the application based on screen instructions -> From main screen select “Lost File Recovery” option to rescue your missing files from flash drive -> Now, the program shows all the logical and external devices (flash drive) connected to your system -> Choose the drive which represents your flash drive and click on “Next” button -> The application scans selected drive and displays all your missing or lost files from that device -> Mark the files and folders which you want to restore back -> Save the retrieved files to your desired location, however not to the same flash drive which results in data overwriting -> You can also save the rescued files to any storage device such as memory cards, hard drive or CDs and DVDs.

Retrieve Deleted Files from Windows XP

Windows XP is one of the most used operating system around the world. Many users still prefer to use Windows XP OS as it is user friendly and can perform well even when many applications are installed. This operating system supports storage of various types of files which can be accessed easily without much trouble.

Sometime while accessing files present in your Windows XP computer you may accidentally delete important files by pressing Shift+Delete keys. Some of the scenarios that lead to deletion of files from Windows XP system are listed below:

Unintentional Deletion: Deleting files from hard drive is a common practice for most of the users, as that is the best way in which more free space can be gathered. But, this has to be done carefully because while deleting unwanted files and folders from computer, user may accidentally select and go with deleting important data along with other files

Deleted by Antivirus Program: Some antivirus application is simple to use, but some are very hard. Such antivirus applications can delete few essential files along with the infected files. Hence a known antivirus program must be installed to avoid file loss

Emptying Recycle Bin: Data that is deleted from your Windows XP operating system goes directly to the Recycle Bin. Sometimes, in a hurry you happen to empty the Recycle Bin folder without going through its content, as a result of which its entire contents are lost permanently

Recovering deleted files on Windows XP:

Yodot File Recovery is well known recovery tool that can using which you can get to know how to retrieve deleted files on Windows XP in a minimum amount of time. This application is designed with best recovery algorithms to scan entire hard drive to search and extract deleted files without causing any damage to the data.

Various file systems that are supported by this recovery tool are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT and ReFS. User can not only restore data from system drives, but can also recover deleted files from USB drive, iPod, external hard drive and other storage media. Other than Windows XP, this recovery program can be easily installed on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Procedure to restore deleted files on Windows XP computer:

Follow this link to download Yodot File Recovery tool in the system. Install the product and proceed with the onscreen instructions provided on the main screen of the application. Click on Deleted File Recovery and then get into the next screen where list of logical drives present on the computer are shown to you. Select the drive from where files have been deleted and then get to the next window, where you can select the file types that can be rescued. After selecting the file types, scanning process takes place. Rescued files are listed in Data View and File Type View. Select desired ones; choose destination location where the recovered data has to be saved and click on save.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Double check files before deleting them
  • Install best antivirus protection to prevent virus infection
  • Keep backup of important files in separate external hard drive

Get Back Deleted Files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8

“Hi, I have erased few files from Recycle Bin while trying to restore them back in my Windows 8 computer. Deleted files carry critical information and I cannot believe that I just erased them accidentally. I tried all means to restore it back manually, but nothing worked. If someone could help me to bring back deleted files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8 it will be very helpful; kindly help.”

This kind of situation can occur with any Windows user. As Recycle Bin is the temporary folder to carry deleted files, one can restore accidentally erased or necessary files before complete removal of those files. But things can go wrong when files are erased from Recycle Bin folder also. Though Windows 8 came up with amazing and additional features, it still lack in recovery of deleted files. Alike any other Windows computer, Windows 8 also removes files completely when it is deleted from Recycle Bin. Files from Recycle Bin can also get deleted in other ways as mentioned below:

  • Emptying Recycle Bin without having least glance at the files residing in it will erase all files from the folder
  • While freeing memory space on Windows 8 computer, some users may delete all files from Recycle Bin and hence suffer deletion of any files
  • Installing Windows 8 system with unsecure applications or unreliable antivirus software can sometimes erase files from Recycle Bin

Apart from this, user may also lose files from Windows 8 when deleted using command prompt or Shift+Del keys, both of which scenarios lead to complete removal of deleted files without sending it to Recycle Bin. After facing deletion of files in Windows 8, one question arises to users like how to get back deleted files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8 computer? Not to worry this question can be resolved by employing good deleted file recovery software like Yodot File Recovery. This ultimate file restoration tool can retrieve deleted as well as lost files from Windows 8 system hard drive in numerous situations. Its error-free recovery modules can bring back all files including documents, presentation files, text, folders, Excel files and many more. It can even retrieve program files like .dll that are missing from Windows 8 computer. Apart from recovering erased files from Recycle Bin, one can even rescue files from pen drive, external hard disk, SSD and other storage devices. This utility can be used on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers as well to regain deleted or lost files successfully.

Working procedure to retrieve erased files from Windows 8 Recycle Bin:

Use this link to download the software on your Windows 8 computer. Next, Install and run the utility to activate it on computer. In main screen choose the option “Deleted File Recovery” so as to extract deleted files. Next, choose the partition that held all files from Recycle Bin folder. After mentioning the partition, click next to trigger scanning process. Further, when scanning process finishes, view rescued in two view types. At the end, activate product key to save all recovered files to desired target location.